Silver Gryphon Monthly #7 has been released!

Silver Gryphon Games is happy to announce the release of their seventh monthly newsletter, Silver Gryphon Monthly. The issue is available from either DriveThru RPG or RPG Now! as a free download. The publication focuses on the products of Silver Gryphon Games, but it also highlights the thoughts of the two co-owners on various topics related to gaming. Their own products are supported as well, particularly the ever-expansive modern setting for Æther, Wellstone City.

This month, we have the honor of having two guest articles and Kevin has taken a break from his fiction for the month. With the articles and some extra goodies packaged for Wellstone City, the tally comes to 24 pages of gaming goodness, and all for free.

Inside for this month:

Behind the Scenes: Everything that’s transpiring for on-going projects of Silver Gryphon Games. It includes projects for Æther, Vox Draconis, the company website, and even other projects that Ben and Kevin have in progress under the SGG flag.

Meeting of the Minds: Ben and Kevin discuss different approaches for using science fiction in your games. Ben talks about the science-fantasy aspect while Kevin dishes out his take on hard science fiction in role playing games.

Dungeoneering Artistry: Ben takes us on a tour of a space hulk and gives us a sample creature for a wide variety of settings in a short adventure module.

Unorthodoxy Unleashed: Kevin discusses going completely mercenary in the campaigns you play in and squeezing every drop of cash out of the situation that you can.

SGG Reviews: This month, Kevin discusses the MADS role playing system. He hits the pros and cons of this book which offers a conversion system of many different RPG rule sets into a single set so your favorite characters from any game can be used with those of your friends.

Guest Article: This month we have two guest articles. The first is from Jacob Boucher and he discusses another aspect of science fiction gaming. The second is from Ben Hoffrichter and he gives his expert opinion on using small caliber firearms in modern games.

All that and more awaits you inside these pages, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead, click a link below and get one of the best periodic RPG related free downloads available on the internet.

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