Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

Starting just after midnight on Friday and going through just before Midnight on Monday, Silver Gryphon is cutting its prices on all our PDF products! All of our adventures, the Æther Quick Start Guide and our Diabolical Traps book are just $1.00! Get our Supplement and Setting books for $1.50, and the Æther and Ingenium core rule books are just $2.00!

For those of you who have tried and loved our modern stuff for Wellstone, take the opportunity to see what we do for fantasy books with our Diabolical Traps book! It’s the first of a 12-book series that gives you 15 skeleton based traps for any setting that uses Necromancy and the undead! Stated for Savage Worlds, Æther, and Ingenium, and easily ported into any OGL system, it’ll cover all of your fantasy role playing needs, no matter what your preferred system is.

Go get it!

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And for those of you who want to grab what we’ve got in paperback, don’t forget our website, where we have cut our prices in half!

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