The May Update

May has been a busy month for us, but you may not have noticed. Much of what we did this month has been behind the scenes as we streamline internal processes to make everything else flow easier. One of our biggest additions behind the scenes has been the addition of our Community Manager, Treasure Overmyer. She graciously accepted the position which serves to let you (our community) know what is happening more efficiently and effectively, and through more outlets than we have previously been able to utilize. She’s still coming into the role, but you should expect some very big news and a lot more involvement in the community from her in the near future.

Our forums have been made much more user friendly. Go on out, ask some questions, meet some people, tell some game stories, and have some fun! That’s what it’s all about, so dive in!

We are in the process in the immediate future of slightly revamping the website. Overall, it won’t change much from the way it appears now, but the content will be updated. We are also going to be making some changes to our store, but it is fully functional and as secured by PayPal so it is good to go for all of your gaming purchase needs from Silver Gryphon Games.

We have some more big news coming up, so hang tight and hold on, this summer is going to rock!