Wellstone Awaits!

This summer, Silver Gryphon Games is holding its 1st Annual Writing Contest! The focus of this year is our overwhelmingly popular setting of Wellstone City for both the Æther and the Savage Worlds game systems.

Here’s what we want:
We are looking for short role-playing works dealing with Wellstone City. The target page count is five pages. We are looking for detailed scenes, locations, and people in those five pages, not full adventures. The subject matter of the scene is up to you, but the affiliations and goals of the people involved should all be spelled out, as well as possible consequences of different outcomes of the actions of the PCs.

Submissions are being taken from June 1st to August 31st of this year. Through September we will be judging the submissions, and October, all of the accepted submissions will be published.

Here’s what you get:
You get a shot at fortune and glory! The top three submissions will be paid. The top submission will be paid $75 (US), 2nd place will be given $50, and the third submission will be given $25 for their efforts. All participants that follow the rules will be published, and will be given full credit for their work.

Sound good? There are some other things we have to tell you.

Contest Rules
1. Read, understand, and follow our submission guidelines, found at the following link: Submission Guide

2. Format your document according to the Style Guide, found at the following link: Style Guide

3. Have a good working knowledge of the Wellstone City Setting and adventures that have already been released. Your scene should have the weight, punch, and feel of the setting.

4. You may submit multiple times through the duration of the contest. However, only one of your submissions will be considered for a cash prize.

5. Employees and close friends or family of employees of Silver Gryphon Games are not eligible to win but may submit entries for the contest.

6. All entries must be received between 12:01 AM, June 1, 2011 and 11:59 PM, August 31, 2011, Central Time, US (-6 hours, GMT). Entries received before or after that time frame may be published, but will not be eligible for a cash prize.

7. By entering, you are authorizing Silver Gryphon Games to use your name and work in any way we see fit from this point forward, including promotion and creation of derivative works. Silver Gryphon games becomes the owner of the work at time of submission.

8. Winners will be notified via email after they have been determined by the judges. At that time, a method of payment will be set up with each winner and will be paid prior to the 15th of October.

9. You must be at least 18 years of age, or submit to Silver Gryphon Games a release from a legal guardian or parent that states that they are aware of the contest, the subject matter, and the potential for the winning of the cash prize.

10. Void where prohibited by law.