Elemental: Dannik

HP:  1d8
Num:  2d20
Spd:  3
Dmg:  1d4
Def:  3
Soak:  2
CL:  2Sometimes, in an abundant harvest season, portions of the crops escape the attention of the overwhelmed harvesters.  When the harvest is especially abundant even the gleaners who come after the farmhands may fail to gather up all that is left — and the spirits of green growing things that offer themselves up each autumn do not appreciate their gifts being left unnoticed, even by accident.  That is when they send the swarms of dannik, madcap tangles of cornstalks and grape vines and gourds and other food crops, to run rampant and cause mayhem as a chastisement and a warning.

The dannik are not meant to commit great slaughter, so their abilities are more fearsome in appearance than in fact.  Their thorny “claws” look fearsome but inflict only 1d4 hit points of damage.  The dannik’s danger lies in the potential size of their swarms, and their resistance to injury save from iron weaponry or fire — all other sources of injury cause only half-damage to a dannik.  Dannik cannot be reasoned with; they are a near-mindless force and not an independent species of spirit.