September 2011

Construct: Shivering Wing

HP: 1d6 Num: 1d4 Spd: 6 Dmg: 1d2 + 1d2 Def: 6 Soak: 12 CL:  1 A shivering wing is an animated construct, one of the most commonly found in the ruins of ancient craft-mages due to its relative simplicity and ease of construction; at that,  it is such a relatively inoffensive thing that many …

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Insectoid: Rik’sh

HP:  1d10 Num:  2d20 Spd:  4 Dam:  1d8 or 1d4 Def:   10 Soak:  8 CL:  3 Strange amalgamations of mantid and scorpion and human, the rik’sh stand some six to seven feet tall.  Roughly humanoid, these “blade-men” are completely encased in glittering golden-black chitin from their smooth antennae-graced skulls to the long grasping toes on …

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