October 2011

Reptilian: Xaap-Hama

HP:  4d8 Num:  2d6 Spd:  3 Dam:  1d10 Def:   7 Soak:  12 CL:  7 More intelligent — and diabolic — than the average reptiloid species are the xaap-hama, kidnappers and vivisectionists from another world long destroyed.  Deeming the existing world and its inhabitants imperfect, the xaap-hama endeavour to slowly remake the world in their image, …

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Elemental: Bikern

HP:  3d8 Num:  2d6 Spd:  5 (flying) Dam:  1d8 + 1d4 Def:   5 Soak:  5 CL:  4Elemental creatures of flame and light, bikern are continually in motion.  Constantly rotating, twisting, wrapping around and through their own forms, bikern are composed of uncountable discs, rays, rings, indecipherable sigils and odder things, all formed from tongues of …

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