Plant: Auberran

HP:  6d8
Num:  1d4
Spd:  3
Dam:  1d8
Def:   5
Soak:  10
CL:  9

At first glance an auberran may be mistaken for some form of undead, or perhaps even a bizarre form of golem or other magically-made automaton; it is a bulky figure of bone and brass and foliage, clutching a staff wreathed in withered vines and cloaked in voluminous, dirty white robes.  Closer inspection reveals the truth – the skeletal frame is nothing but a support for the mass of twisting, sodden greenery, tinged with crimson and violet and rearing up where a skull should be in a coiled knot of swollen stems and a single glaring eye.  This foliage is the true auberran.

In combat an auberran strikes with its staff, inflicting 1d8 hit points of damage.  By far its preferred tactic, however, is to use its Curse of Verdance.  A victim of the curse, failing a resistance save, will be riddled with burrowing seeds; within 10-40 minutes the transformation is complete and the victim has become a mass of coiling foliage or a large gourd with trailing vines.  Some 50% of the curse’s subjects retain sapience and may be restored through the usual means of curse removal.

An auberran takes no damage from mundane weapons.  Runed and Shaped weapons cause normal damage. Fire causes half again as much damage, but it is immune to cold.