Kant Con Wrap up!

We’re going to forget some of the people that we met over the weekend. We are not going to remember everything exactly as it happened, but Kant Con promised to be bigger this year than last, and it delivered! We had an absolute blast down there, and we played a lot of games between Æther, Ingenium, and Savage Worlds. None of us managed to get in a game with Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment, but it sounds like there is a chance for that opportunity in the future as we hit a few more cons. We all had a great time chatting with him as well as Cape Rust, who had some very interesting insight on the industry. Those were the two heavy-hitters we talked to, and there were dozens of other men and women that had great stories, good advice, and made the Con very, very enjoyable. We also talked with the other vendors that were there and they were great as well! It was awesome to see some familiar faces and to meet some new vendors in the RPG industry and/or those who cater to gamers and our eccentricities.

We made some significant changes to the booth in the past year, and it’s almost to where we want it, but we have a few more design modifications to make before we’re 100% satisfied with this incarnation of it. Kevin already has plans for the next version, but that could be a long way down the road.

The Kant Con staff treated all of the vendors very well, and it is a great convention to go to. It’s a long haul for us to get there, but it is worth it. This year the Silver Gryphon crew had four staff members there (Allen Thiele, Ben Overmyer, Kevin Rohan, and Kristina “Yuki” Ramos), as well as 8 other friends and guests. Everyone had an amazing time.

This was only the fourth year that they had this convention, and every year attendance keeps growing and there is more and more to do. It is a fantastically good time, and we highly recommend putting it on your calendars for next year. I haven’t heard the official date yet, but I am imagining that it will probably be the 5-7th of July. Keep your eyes peeled for news on that one!