Our Kickstarter iniative is up and running!

We’ve been hinting at a Kickstarter for some time now, and we’re very happy to announce that it is up and running! We invite you to take a look at it by clicking here and seeing what we have to offer you! If you can’t wait for the big tip off, it’s Silver Gryphon Dice! We’re excited to be doing this and it’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time! Check it out, leave a comment, and see if there’s any of the participation levels that grab you!

Also, along with that, we have started a new section in our Extras section specifically to honor our Kickstarter supporters. We are humbled by the support and excited for what is to come! We thank you all for making sure that things like this can be done, and for all of the crowd-sourcing initiatives that are out there!

More will be coming this week on three new product releases! If you haven’t checked out our Facebook Page yet, why not do it after checking out the Kick Starter Project? There are all kinds of fan-only deals that we do, including extra coupon offers for the Silver Gryphon Store and starting very soon, some fan-only freebies!