Kickstarters, and Releases, and Bundles, Oh My!

Well, you’ve been seeing a lot more news out of us, and that is a very good thing! It means we’re busy, and given the amount of work each of us does on the side during the summers, that’s a pretty huge achievement for us! Thanks for riding along with us, and keep the emails and questions coming, we love to hear from our fans! Now, let’s get to it!

At the time of writing this, our Kickstarter for our Silver Gryphon dice is at $3,621 (US). The project will be funded because our initial goal was $850, but we have several stretch goals in play, one at $4,000 for getting the d10% of the set emblazoned with our logo, and one at $5,000 for getting the d6s for the set done as well. If it continues to grow, we have some in mind for $6,250 and maybe, just maybe one for beyond that. There are a few of our $100 donation levels left, as well as our two high-end levels, but act fast before time runs out! There will be no more pledges available on August 22 when the Kickstarter officially closes!

Work is proceeding on A Thule and His Money, and pending no major issues, we should have it out before the end of August, hopefully sometime in the next two weeks, so keep your eyes open for that! That will be released in both Savage Worlds and an Æther format!

On a more personal note, Kevin would like to thank everyone who bought the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund Bundle last month from Drive Thru RPG, RPG Now, and their affiliates. The bundle was put together by Fabled Environments, and coordinated with the leadership at Drive Thru and RPG Now. The effort put forth by all of the contributors to the bundle was amazing, both in terms of their donations and their promotion for the bundle. The outpouring of support from the fans was incredible as well, and in the end, the $12.00 you gave for the bundle got you a lot of bang for your buck and the sheer number of bundles will help the fund grow and help other families avoid the tragedy that befell the Rohan family back in June of this year. We would like to take the time to list all of the contributors to this bundle, and we hope our fans and those who purchased the bundle did as well. Thank you to all of you.

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Arion Games
Avalon Game Company
Bards and Sages
Blackdirge Publishing
Catalyst Game Labs
Contested Ground Studios
Crafty Games
EN Publishing
Fabled Environments
FSpace Productions
Generic Universe Publishing
Goblinoid Games
Imperium Group, LLC
LPJ Design
Khepera Publishing
Majellan Entertainment
Mind Storm Labs
Moonstew, LLC
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Neo Productions Unlimited
Neuwerld Studios
One Monk Miniatures
Onyx Path Publishing
Pinnacle Entertainment
Reality Blurs
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