Of Stretch Goals and Site Updates…

Happy Wednesday! We have a few news items to pass along here for everyone. First of all, our Kickstarter is doing extremely well, and we pushed past our second stretch goal and are well on our way to the third one. At a target of $5,000, we will get a second, off-color D6 added to the full set, both of them with the Silver Gryphon logo on them. Additionally, since we still have two weeks to go, if this pushes all the way up to $6,500, we will be giving everyone a small bag (it’s fake leather, but it’s a very nice little dice bag) to everyone who ordered a full set of dice! We’ll be pushing pretty hard to get there, but there are a lot of top-end prizes left, and there are of course all of the smaller pledge levels that get you a single D10, a pair of D10s, or even the full set of dice!

Kevin will be doing a few site updates today. Most of you probably won’t notice anything, and they’re largely cosmetic, so nothing major will change. Almost all of what Kevin is doing is store-related, so that’ll be the largest changes that people will see.

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