Two-Bit Thugs has been Re-released!

Two-Bit Thugs is Back, and Better than Ever!

Coming fresh off the press with a fresh facelift, this adventure, the second Wellstone City Chronicle, has been completely re-evaluated, re-written, and re-edited! Fabled Environments has graciously provided maps, and we will be continuing a tradition of offering a map-bundle pack with the adventure.

The adventure still explores the repercussions of two gangs that sparked a war with each other in the criminally neutral Wellstone Park. They accidentally cut down a jogger, an escort of the mayor. The Mayor’s offering a big reward, a get-out-of-jail-free card, as well as some other cash incentives. The Irish want the problem solved before things get out of hand for them, and none of the other larger syndicates want to deal with the mess. That means it’s up to you. 20 large, plus perks, plus a free ticket out of trouble…it’s just the break you need to get your feet under you…

This adventure replaces the original Two-Bit Thugs with better stats, better maps, and a more coherent story line through out. Anyone who previously purchased the adventure either directly or in a product bundle from Drive Thru RPG or RPG Now, will receive the opportunity for getting an updated version of this new PDF. You may have already gotten an email about the update, and if you haven’t, you will shortly! We’d also like to extend the offer to you, if you’ve already purchased the adventure, to head over Fabled Environment’s store front and pick up the large-scale maps with full five feet to the inch scale. For those of you who are finding the Wellstone City Chronicles for the first time, the bundle package gives you both maps in full size, plus the adventure, with some savings off both! Get in the game and explore Wellstone City today, or re-introduce yourself to it if it’s been a while.

You can also feel free to check it out at our own store: Two-Bit Thugs.

Get it today, for just $2.50 (US)!

This version of the adventure is for all the Savage Worlds fans out there. The Æther version will be out next week! If you’ve played through these before and are looking for a way to spice them up, we strongly suggest the Wellstone City Encounter Deck to really get the players back into the game by randomly introducing chaos into the adventure!