Introducing Stocking Stuffers in the SGG Store!

Do you have something you want to give that certain someone, but it’s an electronic copy of an adventure or book? It’s tough to give that away; during this time of the year, it’s the thought that counts, but you can’t hand someone an electronic copy of an adventure.

Except we made it so you can.

With a Silver Gryphon Stocking Stuffer, you can give any of our electronic products to someone. With a few simple clicks, you get a selection of certificates to use, fill out, and give to anyone on your shopping list for them to redeem. We will email you a Stocking Stuffer Secret Code for your recipient to use and voila!

When your recipient wants to redeem their Silver Gryphon Stocking Stuffer, they select the appropriate product and use the Secret Code in the coupon section of the page. The coupon is for 100% off a product’s value, so even if you buy it on sale, your recipient gets it for free!

Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Silver Gryphon Games, and we wish you all the best, whether it’s a Happy Chaunukha, a Merry Christmas, a Joyous Kwanza, or a Joyous Yuletide; because whatever your reason to celebrate, we hope that this year, and every year, it’s wonderful!

Visit our store today and pick up something for that special someone!