We’re kicking off our con schedule this year with one that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump for Kevin. Vermincon is a small convention put on by the University of South Dakota games club, in conjunction with the MAGE (Mid-west Area Gaming Enthusiasts) organization.

We’ll be there, with our Booth Babe Yuki watching the booth while Kevin is there running games. So far he’s got two games signed up for on the Vermincon Event Schedule, one for Friday night and one for Saturday Evening. It’s Kevin, though, and we expect that there will be a few pickup games scheduled. You’ll have to check the Silver Gryphon booth and see what they have scheduled on their event board!

Speaking of the booth, in grand Silver Gryphon tradition, we have re-worked it yet again, this time improving the over all look of the booth, and making some logistics changes to it as well. Just as a teaser, you can see where we started from by clicking here. You can see how that’s evolved from our pictures from Vermincon!

For stock this year, we will have copies on hand of our physical products for sale. That includes the Æther Core Book, our fantasy system, Ingenium, copies of Zombacalypse for both Æther and Savage Worlds, as well as several Savage Worlds books, including the Core Rules for the system, some companion books, and a World War II setting for Savage! If that’s not enough, we also have physical prints of most of our adventures, and we also have maps for sale, as provided by Fabled Environments, some of which were done specifically for the adventures we have produced!

If that’s not enough, we also have Silver Gryphon Dice left over from our Kickstarter this past summer! Available in Red, Black, White, or Blue, these sets all have an off-color D6 for the Wild Die for all you Savage Worlds Fans out there. Just to make them even more cool, all of the six-sided dice have a Silver Gryphon Logo etched into the die where the 6 should be, and the d10’s have them where the 0 and 00 should be! We spared no expense on these, so stop by and pick up a set at the con!

We hope to see you there!