A Darkness at Summerfort is Near!

Summerfort Sunday

Count this as the official announcement – A Darkness at Summerfort, the long-awaited first adventure for both the Eiridia setting and Ingenium, will be released next Sunday.

This adventure, for all that it’s a relatively short 25 page dungeon romp, represents an informal launch of Eiridia itself. And here’s the next big announcement …

Eiridia is not just a setting. Eiridia is Ingenium 2nd Edition. The basic rules for Ingenium 2nd Edition – exclusive of setting-specific things like Talent Pools, spells, and so forth – will be released for free on the Silver Gryphon Games store. From here on out, all updates to the Ingenium ruleset will be rolled into that book, and you can just download it to get the new changes.

Setting-specific things, such as all of the fantasy rules, will get their own core lines. Eiridia is the first of these, and we have big things in store for that. The core rulebook itself, which will contain the complete Ingenium 2nd Edition rules, the Eiridia setting itself, and the Dawn at Fortress Fairling adventure, is coming in late 2013. The free release of the Ingenium 2nd Edition rules will be out sooner than that, and will help you transition between the original release of Ingenium to Eiridia.

So here’s what you get to look forward to:

Next week, A Darkness at Summerfort is out.

In March, Ingenium 2nd Edition will be released for free.

Sometime later this year, Eiridia will be released.


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