April 2013

The Hollow Man

Both Fortress Fairling and Summerfort have a significant monster presence a relatively short distance away; being a border outpost and border town, respectively, they have to deal with a number of threats that more civilized areas don’t. The most common monsters in the area are gurunil and hollow men, though there are a few nests …

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The Peoples of Rekellia and Redami

What follows is an excerpt from the Eiridia campaign setting. It describes the people of both Rekellia and Redami. Players looking to get more insight into how Rekellians and Redami act will find this useful. Also, it serves as a good primer on the people in and around Summerfort (and, by extension, Fortress Fairling).

Introducing Fortress Fairling

Fortress Fairling is two days’ ride northwest of Summerfort. Like Summerfort, it was once a simple border outpost. Unlike Summerfort, it became a staging area for military campaigns into Redami.