Happy Friday!

Well, we’ve got some big announcements this week! Not all of them are what we like to announce, but here goes!

First of all, Ben is continuing to work on the website. If you haven’t been here for a while, you can see the top bar has been redesigned, but the whole thing has been tweaked. It’s easier to get to us on Facebook as well as Twitter and Google+. We also have a link for our Newsletter which comes out weekly on Mondays, and that’s free as well as having our schedule of events, some newsletter only content, and some special deals for our store.

We announced this last week that we are having a price increase. We have always endeavored to keep our prices as low as possible, but in doing so, we feel we may not be giving you the best product we can deliver, so we’re ramping up prices just a little bit to help make that a reality. The price increases aren’t huge, but they’re enough that we felt the need to let all of our customers and fans know. So far response has been pretty positive, and it’s not a decision we made lightly.

We’ve been advertising sharks with a countdown timer on Facebook, and that’s for two reasons. First of all, we have a release coming out this Sunday (hence the timer) and second of all, the release deals with sharks! We’re getting art rolling in from our artists, Kevin is pounding away on layout, and everything looks like it’s coming together nicely. Should be a fun adventure, and it’ll be for Savage Worlds and Æther! Look for more of that soon!