The S’mores Demon!

August 10th, 2013 is National S’mores day! In honor of the day, we have something pretty sweet! A freebie!

Deep in the bonfire pits of Camp Wicakini, decades of campers creating S’mores created a mass of confectionary disaster as thousands, maybe even millions, of marshmallows were roasted, falling into the bonfires. Joining the marshmallows were hundreds of pounds of chocolate and box upon box of graham crackers as campers discarded unwanted S’mores, or the bigger kids took the S’mores from the younger kids and threw them into the blazing hot coals. The result became a coagulated mass of sugar, kept intact over the years by equal parts of rage, sadness, and inadequacy.

Today, the final S’more hit the fire, spawning the S’mores Demon; a camp Demon whose driving need is to act out violently against those it sees, lashing out through the emotions that created and sustained it for decades before gaining sentience and form.

Unleash this horror on your unsuspecting PCs in either the Savage Worlds or Æther System today! It’s free, what are you waiting for?

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