I’m going on an adventure and I’ve decided which way to go!

One of the biggest (and most daunting) tasks for me was deciding which system I was going to learn. There are so many, they all have their little quirks and differences and some have major differences… many of which I don’t even know to ask about yet! I like my choices to be well thought out and I am a huge fan of lists of pros and cons. So I did some of that, then… I decided my best bet was to talk to other people and get their feedback and suggestions.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really great people though and they’re all willing to share their knowledge with me. Based on what I’ve learned so far, what people have shared with me and the options I’ve researched… I’ve decided that my choice for my first attempt at this, will be Savage Worlds.

Last Thursday night I was lucky enough be invited to be a guest in the Beautiful Brains chat where a great group of people spent 2 hours talking to me about gaming, answering my questions, AND I made my first character! Her name is Sarah.

But more on that next week, right now I’ve got some reading to do!