Happy Friday!

It has been another busy couple of weeks here at Silver Gryphon, so let’s get to it! If you haven’t been paying attention, we have had a couple of really good releases in the last few weeks, and last week kept that party going! We started off two weeks ago with Djinn of the Deep in Æther and in Savage Worlds and the response to it has been pretty wild! It’s been very encouraging seeing all the comments from the buyers and the reviews are promised shortly. Kevin is super excited and he loves his feedback, so it’s just making him want to write even more!

Just for fun, we had a freebie that we released last weekend, The S’mores Demon for Æther and Savage. A fun little encounter set up on the beautiful shores of Camp Wicakini before all the zombie unpleasantness started. It’s a freebie, so hit it up!

Finally, this week we also released a fun little Roman historical piece, Milecastle 42! This adventure puts you in the action fast and is a fantastic sandbox adventure for Æther and in Savage!

There’s tons of other stuff going as well! We have our Demo GM program up and running, and we’ll be able to get our products to conventions closer to you than what we can do by ourselves! Expect to see more on that in the near future! As always you can find us on Facebook and all of our fans are elligible for a one-time-only coupon for 25% off at our Store. We’re also rocking Twitter and you can find us @sggames

That’s it for this week, but we’ve got more coming! Stay tuned!