Happy Friday!

We have had a hugely busy last couple of weeks! Many of you seem to have noticed as well, and we very much appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting, the reviews, and of course, the sales! This is gearing up to be the best August we’ve ever had, which means we’re able to put out more content, and let me tell you, we have some awesome stuff in the pipe!

We say that quite a lot, so let me be a little more transparent. Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on our next birthday adventure which goes live on September 1st of this year and will be available in all three of our systems. We have a couple of freebies that we’re finishing up to send to conventions, whether it’s a con that we’re at or just want to support. We have a pair of Adventure in a Cons that are long overdue that we’ll be getting out right away in September and then we have our perennial favorite, Camp Wicakini 4 teed up for early October as well as a horror adventure from Dave Baymiller, the creative genius behind The Pine Ridge Horror.

We have some other major projects in the works as well! You’ll have to stay tuned for those though; we can’t give away everything all at once! Keep up with us here, at the newsletter, on Facebook, and on twitter for the latest and greatest news!