Wellstone City Wednesday – The Chronicle

The Wellstone City Chronicle, the longest running news paper in the South, is where the plot-point adventures for Wellstone City get their name from. The paper is the hope of the city, telling the good news and the bad, and of course, where there are PCs involved, it’s usually bad news. It’s true that news of a new puppy shelter opening up might be buried on page 20, while the collateral damage of the PCs’ latest exploits might grab the front page, but the Chronicle has been delivering news to Wellstone City for almost 250 years.

Investigators at the Chronicle have brought down mob bosses, they have elevated social causes, and they have brought awareness to dangers throughout the city. Even a cursory glance through the stacks of the Wellstone Public Library gives the reader the impression that crime in Wellstone City has been rampant since the paper was in existence; it is not tied to video games or violent movies or drugs. Those things seem to fuel the fire, but only because the fundamentalists make them issues, limit access, and essentially create a market for those services and goods.

The Chronicle has grown over the years to encompass a wide array of social media. They are well known for running contests via Facebook and for a rapidly growing Twitter presence. They are also dabbling in a G+ community, and they invite you to be a part of that, to get all the latest and greatest of what is happening in Wellstone City.