Happy Friday!

Well, it’s the first week of our new Birthday Adventure! If you want an adventure on your birthday in all three systems we support. Just hit the link, sign up (it’s free and we won’t spam you, promise!) and on your birthday, you’ll get a little something from us here at Silver Gryphon Games! The old adventure is going to be made available to the public this weekend and in a year, we’ll have a new one, hot, fresh, and ready for you!

We just released our second Adventure in a Con, this one is the Legend of the One-Toes. You’re playing cavemen investigating the disappearance of your Shaman after a mysterious flash and loud sound the night before. The trail is followed to a mysterious white and black egg that is held up off the ground by four shiny trees, and there seems to be little men from another tribe inside… This one was a blast to run and everyone had fun playing it, so check it out!

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