The Imperial Knights

Though Summerfort is far from the Imperial capital Shanadar, its status as a nexus of trade tends to gain the capital’s attention every so often. In the warmer months, visitors from Shanadar become  a regular occurrence. Normally, this is an Imperial Exchequer and his retinue. Given an Exchequer’s responsibility to collect taxes from those who might not be willing to relinquish them, he is always accompanied by a small contingent of men-at-arms and an Imperial Knight to lead them.

The Imperial Knights are the most visible chivalric order in Rekellia. They are both the military elite of the Empire and its most powerful nobles. Any given Imperial Knight owns a significant estate in Shanadar and several larger estates throughout the Empire. They were instrumental in helping Emperor Bre’tan seize power, and as such he has used his considerable influence to reward them for (and ensure) their loyalty.

Summerfort and its surrounding region belongs to Baron Auler, who is not counted among the Imperial Knights. One of his sons, Willam, is a newly-accepted member of that elite order. Though his aging father does not yet know it, Willam is appealing to the Emperor to grant him control over all of Baron Auler’s lands. Auler’s other son, Godric, knows of this plot and is trying desperately to protect his father’s holdings.

Up until this point, the Imperial Knight sent to guard the Exchequer on his business to Summerfort has usually been one of the younger, landless novitiates into the order. However, with the machinations of Willam, the Emperor has appointed him to the role in an effort to gauge the boy’s effectiveness as an administrator. If Willam is able to protect the Exchequer and aid in the collection of taxes skillfully, the Emperor may grant his wish, and take Baron Auler’s lands and title and give them to Willam.

Having gotten wind of this, Godric is making full speed to Summerfort to prepare a resistance against his brother and warn his father. It is entirely possible that he will engage the services of adventurers to assist in this endeavor.

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