2 days left for Æthermancy!


Æther is our flag-ship product, the first system that Silver Gryphon Games put out, and it’s a Universal system. Using just a pair of percentile dice, a pencil and a character sheet, the Core Book and your imagination, you can do anything you want to. Included with the Core Book is the Wellstone City setting, and as such, the Core Book is geared for a modern setting to give you a relevant experience for pricing, weapons, and other nuances of the system. The book also includes our infamous Random Setting Generator in the book allows you to have any time, tone, genre, or technology in the game that you wish to have.

Æthermancy, for those that haven’t heard until now, is the magic supplement to Æther.

You can learn more about the Kickstarter itself by visiting our project here: Æthermancy

We’ve only got a little less than 2 days to finish this out strong… so in order to tell you why this is special to us, I wanted to give you a bit about Æther in Kevin’s words.

Kevin talking about Æther


We have artists Dennis Darmody


and Alberto Tavira Espinar

image002 (3)

lined up and we’re just waiting to finish up to get this off the ground!

We are VERY proud to be a part of the Savage Worlds community and we wanted to make sure we talked about this a little because we’ve had a lot of our Savage Worlds Fans ask about Æthermancy and how they can incorporate it. We wanted to say this… Savage Æthermancy
Thanks for looking, please tell your friends and if you haven’t pledged yet, we sincerely hope you do.

Thank you, as always for being a fan, for supporting us in all we do. We’re glad you enjoy what we put out and we love spending time making things for you to enjoy.


Speaking of enjoying… tonight is our last Æthermancy online game night. We’re giving away some cookies, expect to have a lot of fun and are available for questions. 8pm EST time tonight. Come join us:


(Any problems, shoot an email to us over to  and she’ll get you hooked up!)