Rock and Role: The Con Hangover!

I’m taking a quick derivation today to talk about Nanocon. This is the convention that Silver Gryphon Games uses to end its con year on. Living in the midwest United States, the traveling weather gets dicey this time of year, so we don’t travel much between November and February. We go out on Nanocon for the year because it is one of our favorite conventions!

This small con in Madison, South Dakota is well worth the trip for anyone who wants to go. They have speakers from the RPG industry, and they have speakers from the video game design industry as well. The convention itself is held at the Dakota State University campus, which houses a reputable and growing game design major. The quality and organization of the convention is something that is usually not found in cons under 3000 people in attendance, and that is due largely to the convention staff having an attitude of constant improvement along with an unbridled passion for experimenting.

While all of that makes for an awesome convention, none of that is particularly Con Hangover worthy. What really makes the Con Hangover click is the fact that the convention opens at 5pm on Friday, and does not shut down until 10pm on Sunday. Vendors are free to keep selling at all hours, games run continuously, and there are always at least two groups active in the game space at all times. There is a large and dedicated group of LARPers that frequents the convention, as well as GAMA events that run continuously. That all makes it very easy to yawn, realize that you’re tired, look at a watch, and then realize that it’s 4 am, which gives you just enough time to get back to the hotel, nap, shower, eat, and get back for the game you signed up for in 5 hours.

It’s an amazing con, and I really can’t stress that enough. It’s a very intimate convention, one we’ve been going to for 5 years running now, and one that we plan on going to for a long, long time. I highly recommend that you take the time out for it next year. Just write in your calendars that November 7-9th of 2014 that you’ll be busy and make travel plans.

So now, it’s back to the real world. All of us at Silver Gryphon Games will commence trying to catch back up on sleep (we averaged about 5 hours worth from Friday morning until Sunday night..and that’s total, not per night), try to get adjusted back to our day jobs, and think back on this weekend and smile.

Thanks again, Nanocon; you knocked another one out of the park, and we’re already looking forward to next year!