Year of the Gamer! – T-shirts, part 2!

You asked and we answered! We had so many requests for an alternate color, that you now have TWO choices for the color scheme! We are doing the same pre-order set up for the new black t-shirt with gray logo as with the blue and red shirt, we’re still going through Custom Ink, and it’s still just $24.95 for the shirt, and you bet we’re doing international shipping!

Year of the Gamer pre-order shirt - gray on black

You can order it at Custom Ink, but because of the way their ordering system works, you’ll have to pay for it through the SGG store. Then, you’re done! As soon as the shirts print, on or about February 1st, they’ll ship to us and we’ll ship them to you!

So, like the other shirt, there are three easy steps:

Follow this link to Custom Ink and let us know how many of what size shirts you’d like.

Go to the Silver Gryphon Store and pay for what you ordered through Custom Ink.

Sit back and wait for your shirt to be shipped to your door!