Wellstone City Wednesday: The Adventure Deck

One of the original intents of the Encounter Deck was to not only spice up encounters in Wellstone City, but it was also hoped to use it to create full adventures on par with the Wellstone City Chronicles. Although it uses a card draw mechanic instead of dice, it was also intended to be used for both Æther as well as Savage Worlds.

It does what it was designed to do very well. However, it is woefully in adequate for designing an entire adventure. An effort can be made, but without a lot of extrapolation on the part of the GM/Narrator, it’s hard to make sense of everything and link events together.

For that reason, after we get some big projects knocked off our plates here at Silver Gryphon Games, one of the next things we will be hitting will be the Adventure Deck. It is a completely self-contained book that will be used for designing an adventure in Wellstone City from top to bottom with all of the plot twists and hooks for the core plot.

Of course the rule set will be designed to be used with the Encounter Deck to add even more variety to the Chronicles for you and your group! Finally the ability to craft the most intricate adventures will be in your hands!