GM’s Week Sale!

Greetings Friends!

As you have noticed from some of your other favorite RPG companies, it’s GM’s Week at Drive Thru RPG, RPG Now, and their affiliates.  What that means is that everything is on a crazy sale for about the next 10 days or so.

How crazy?  Try 30% off! Right now, that’s just off PDFs, most of which are down to just $3.50(USD) for the sale, but if we blow past our sales record for last year before Sunday night at midnight (Central Time, USA), we’ll knock 30% off our physical prints as well!

We’ve got some new stuff out there that you may not have tried yet!

Milecastle 42

This is a Roman Empire zombie apocalypse adventure that is only getting started right when the players think they’ve got the day won, and that is available for our Æther System and for Savage Worlds as well.


Djinn of the Deep

An adventure that was written almost on a dare last year for release with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, this adventure takes place in the 1930’s off the horn of Africa. It’s got pirates, sharks, and a giant submarine, and again, it’s got two versions, one for Savage Worlds and the other for our Æther System.


A Stitched in Time

This horrifying little jaunt takes characters through Wellstone City as agents of the Shadowy Bureau 8 and they investigate the weird and horrifying crimes of the City.  This one kicks off with some investigation and some combat as they start looking for a mad scientist who has a fetish for limb transplants.Available just for Æther, this gem uses the city for something other than fighting syndicates!


Try a new system!

Æther and Ingenium are both our in-house systems, and both are absolutely loved by the critics and by our fans!  Get one or the other today, or both!  Æther is a Universal system with some fantastic products out and some amazing thing coming out for years to come! Ingenium is a fantasy-geared setting with unique rules for character creation and for fast and epic game play!


Hit the links and try something new!  Explore the Wellstone City Chronicles, try some the horror-survivor adventure of Red Blizzard, or of the Pine Ridge Horror! Hit the continuing classic, Camp Wicakini (now up to part four with part five coming this fall)!

Try something new at your table, game day, or convention!