Wellstone City Wednesday – The Adventure Deck!

This one has been a long time in coming, but we finally have a mostly functioning Adventure Generator for Wellstone City! Kevin still has some finishing touches to add, but there’s no reason why it won’t go into play test mode later this week! We already have a few groups selected to see what kind of craziness can be generated, and as one of Kevin’s first attempts during the writing process, he drew the basic plot of Schrödinger’s Box! We’re considering that a success.

This deck design works for Savage Worlds as well as Æther, allowing fans of either system to get the same great results. It functions independently of the Encounter Deck, and the Encounter Deck can be used with the Adventure Deck, just as it can with any other Wellstone City Chronicle!

We’ll have more on this as it gets further along in development! Stay tuned, and for the mean time, feel free to pick up Wellstone City for Savage Worlds or the Æther Core Book which contains the setting for the Æther system! If you get it before April 30th, you can pick it up during our month-long We Don’t Hate our Customers Sale!