Wellstone City Wednesday – The Emperor’s Throne

The Wellstone City Museum has come into possession of a strange artifact that was unearthed from a site in central Africa. Believed to be Khemitian, the people who lived in Africa before the Egyptian civilization rose to power, this chair is hewn from a solid piece of purple jade; a known type of jade, but one thought to come only from what is now Guatemala in Central America. The chair seems to capture and retain light, glowing like an after-image when the lights are turned out, an effect that the museum uses to generate more tourism interest

Some say that there have been some strange goings on at the Museum since it was brought there, some say that it is haunted, cursed, or even possessed. There are only a handful of people in the world versed well enough in Khemitian lore to study the chair and glean any meaning from it. The scholar that they have contacted, Amelia Rockefeller, is in Wellstone while she takes a sabbatical from Miskatonic University.

A few guards have reported hearing whispers in the dark at night in and around the African exhibit; dark whispers that can’t be understood but leave them quaking in their boots and puts an icy grip around their hearts. Dr. Rockefeller seems to be increasingly obsessed with the chair, to the point of refusing to end her studies during the normal museum hours, pouring over it for every detail.

Last night, two of the guards that were brutally slain and the museum shut down while the investigation is on-going. The Wellstone City police are busy with a gang war that erupted after some freelancers threw off the balance in the city and a power vacuum formed. After they did the initial investigation, they turned it over to someone who could keep it quiet, someone who could keep the collateral damage down. They gave it to someone they could trust.

They gave it to you.