Creativity Challenge, Day 2!

We had some great participation on Day 1; we’re having a glitch where we are seeing more participants than you may be on the website though. Hopefully we can get that fixed, but rest assured, people are posting, and they are posting from all facets of gaming and creativity.

Today we’ll post a little about some of what’s going on behind the scenes. We released the Lizardman race last week, just a quick freebie, and that was built with racial construction rules. Those rules are built upon a weighted number of points for each ability that a race may have. At the end of the process, those total points are added up, positive for bonuses, negative for restrictions, and the result of that is measured against the 6 attribute points and 20 bonus points that characters receive at creation. The Lizardman has a total bonus of +10 and thus receives only 10 bonus points at creation along with the 6 attribute points.

The balance in a system like that is inherent mostly with lower powered characters. As characters advance, they diversify so much that the bonuses can become almost moot, but there is still that special quality that makes the racial bonuses special.

Let us know what you’re doing, what you’re working on, and submit your blog, portfolio, or work space below via the Link exchange! Don’t forget, everyone who enters will be eligible for a prize, everyone who enters daily is eligible for a prize, and the person who enters most is up for a prize as well!