Creative Challenge, Day 3

It’s Day 3! We’ve had some good participation so far, and let’s keep that going!

Today we’ll hit another topic that concerns us, that of game balance. We like games to be balanced, at least on the side of the PCs. It’s important that a combination of mechanics don’t allow for a super character to be created. It allows that player to use the character to overrun, overrule, or just render the other characters useless. That just kills the fun or everyone.

On the other hand, we can only balance things so much. How a player utilizes her character, how the dice roll, and other luck-of-the-battlefield circumstances can all trump having an over-balanced character. It is crucial at that point that a player utilizing good tactics and good role-playing act as a leader to the other players; not as a superior, just as an example.

Leave some comments below, tell us what you’ve experienced in both out-of-balance characters, over bearing players, perfectly balanced parties, and people who have been a privilege to game with!

Remember to use the link box to enter the challenge, even if it doesn’t pertain to this exactly. Artists, writers, and dreamers, let us see what you’ve got!