Creative Challenge, Day 5

Well, it’s the Day after Independence Day and we’re surprised that Facebook is as active as it is. Hopefully everyone had a good night and stayed safe, and if you didn’t, hopefully you at least have good stories!

We’re expecting to see lots of blogs about last night, cool fireworks pictures, great stories, or whatever it is that you blog about! If you’re looking for a fun thought exercise, how does your favorite setting celebrate Independence Day or Unification Day or Founding Day? What other major state holidays does your setting participate in?

It’s been my experience that church and state holidays are usually either ignored completely or used only as plot points. It makes sense; holidays and fairs are major gatherings; people come in from the countryside, and it is a prime opportunity for brigands, pickpockets, grifters, and a multitude of other unsavory characters. Maybe your PCs are one of those characters sent there to do a job or prey upon the unwary. Maybe your PCs are there to prevent that from happening.