Product of the Week – Camp Wicakini!

Product Spotlight - 2-22-15

Have you ever been to a summer camp as either a counselor or as a camper? Ever wanted to get even with your fellow campers or counselors but couldn’t find a socially responsible way to do it? Are you a huge fan of 80’s slasher movies but were just never really satisfied with the ending? Do you like zombies but are angry you never got to role-play as one after your character was turned? Pick up Camp Wicakini today and murder three birds with one stone…er…tomahawk!

Heralded as one of the best zombie adventures on the market (and for good reason!) this adventure puts you in the place of one of eight pre-generated counselors and drops you right in the thick of the action! The counselors couldn’t belong more to the 80’s if they were watching The Breakfast Club while wearing legwarmers and talking about the next Kevin Bacon movie. They are the worst stereotypes of the 80’s, all laid bare for you to unleash unspeakable horror upon your fellow counselors and 60 campers, stranded miles from civilization and even further from competent help!

Solve a mystery, run for your lives, fight a murderous, psychotic zombie, get turned, and fight your fellow camp dwellers! With a run time that’s perfect for a convention or a quick one-shot around your own game table, see what all the hype is about! Have a hilarious time with PC on PC violence as they all fight for survival, and form some gaming memories that will last for years!

Get it today and take 20% off! You can get it in Savage Worlds, or Æther for just $4.00! But, act fast, this deal won’t last long!