July 2015

Æthursday – Random Setting

Today’s setting is a Colonial Age, Tech of the time, Dark, Supernatural Noir. Werewolves. Ghosts. Vampires. Demons. Witches. The 17th century is full of superstition, paranoia, intrigue, and distrust; and it is for good reason. A group calling themselves the Reapers have determined to investigate these cases before innocent people get harmed, and of course …

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Under Construction

Hey everyone! We’re getting some links updated through the webpage, we’re getting the store updated, and we’re getting a bunch of other stuff brought up to date. Hang tight while we keep up the work!

Kantcon Wrap up

Well, we made it safe and sound back from Kantcon in Overland Park, Kansas! This was our fourth time down there, and we’re looking forward to being back next year. We’ll update you with the date, but in the mean time, we advise that you like and follow them on Facebook to make sure you …

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Æthursday – Update!

It’s been a busy week here at Silver Gryphon! Not only have we been working on Æthermancy and getting prepared for KantCon in a week, we have been getting print products uploaded to DriveThru RPG! We’ll have a continuous string of them coming for a while; we have a lot of product that has never …

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