Wellstone City – Emergency Provision

After months of waiting, especially given the situation in the past weeks, the government of Wellstone City has passed the Freelancer Act, independent of the Louisiana House or Governor. With the House heading for summer recess and the Governor off campaigning for President, the situation in Wellstone City finally escalated to a point where action must be taken.

The Freelancer Act allows the city to grant blanket powers to individuals that pass a background check. They must swear an oath of position, and they must be registered. With the granting of a special license, they have extended powers of protection and service granted to them by the city. They are not allowed to levy fines or tickets, but when criminals and organizations are placed on the “Bounty Board” then Freelancers have free reign to go after them.

It is anticipated that other groups of Freelancers may try to take the same job at the same time, and as part of the license, Freelancers are not allowed to impede other Freelancers in dangerous situations. An Amendment to the Freelancer Act is already being contemplated, one which requires Freelancers to register jobs with the city, but given the level of corruption in the system, it is thought that doing so could be a bigger detriment than advantage.

For the time being, under the premise of easier to ask forgiveness than permission, the City is trying to fend for itself. With no help from Baton Rouge, it is imperative that Wellstone survives, and it needs its citizens to do so!

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