Tacticon and Labor Day (US)

Well, Tacticon has come and gone, and we had a great time! The convention was staffed by a different group of organizers this time around, and the venue had switched from Aurora to Colorado Springs. There were a few other changes as well, and it was an interesting switch for the convention overall.

We love seeing some of our favorite conventions try new things and expand to different areas. This time around there were more Cosplay aspects than the Tacticons we had previously attended, and there was also a strong showing for war gaming, board gaming, and computer gaming. The vendor hall was chock full of artists and had a spectacular showing for Star Wars, particularly by the 501st, a charity organization that has done some pretty incredible things (You should take a few minutes and check them out: http://501stlegioncharity.com)!

As always, it was great fun to be at a convention. Kevin assisted on a panel on world building which went tangential into other areas of the gaming industry, and the entire crew (except for Ben who had to leave early, regretfully) enjoyed a game of Savage RIFTS. The work done on rolling RIFTS into the Savage World system has been incredible so far, and we can’t wait to play it again!

We’re sorry we missed Metacon in Minneapolis this weekend; we heard it was fantastic from some of our fellow publishers. We were also invited to Chupacabracon in May, which is something we are strongly considering! We have a ton of post-con energy right now, so hopefully that will get us charged up the rest of the way to swinging Silver Gryphon back into full production again!

We hope that our US fans are enjoying Labor Day, which is kind of our last hurrah for the end of summer. Here’s looking forward to an awesome fall!