Æthursday – Top of the Tower

This week for Æthursday, we explore a Near-Future, Nuclear Fusion Opera setting with a Noir twist! As with our standard Æthursday offerings, we supplied three paragraphs of setting for you to sink your teeth into and then we fleshed it out a little with a short series of adventure hooks!

Get a taste of life inside of one of the mega towers in the city. With giant reactors providing power down below, the rich and the lucky are the power at the top of the tower, rising above the noise of the city in massive structures of steel and glass. Down at the bottom is squalor and destitution above the beating-heart of the nuclear fire in the core of the city. Join in the look at Castillo and Akiko, the story of one guy that wants to get above that golden barrier–the 200th floor–and of a girl who made it already. Castillo wants what Akiko has and Akiko knows he’s coming.

The only variable is you.

Will you fight for Castillo’s rise in power? Will you help Akiko keep what she worked so hard for? Will you double cross both of them and forge your own path and rise above the 200th yourself? Or will you look for intrigue elsewhere in the city? Pick up Top of the Tower today as a free PDF from DriveThru RPG!