Wellstone City Wednesday – The Bishopric

Donovan Cross is trying to turn over a new leaf, but he’s weighed down by his past and all of the red on his hands. He’s attempting to reform part of the Warrens and build a new apartment building that is the first of its kind. Housing several hundred families as well as entertainment centers, shopping areas, and other amenities, the Bishopric is going to be the tallest building in the city out side of South Rise.

Donovan was playing the long game on this one, and the neighborhood he’s been working on in the Warrens since Public Transit Assassins has finally fallen into his hands. With that done, he understands that the public will be watching, trying to figure out what this crimelord is doing. While it appears he is trying to turn over a new leaf, it seems that he can’t give up his old ways. He has tapped the Commancheros as well as the Wraiths, two gangs that hate each other but are keeping the streets clear while the world looks on and the tower rises.

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