Our catalog is available through The Official Silver Gryphon Store, DriveThru RPG, and RPG Now, as well as other PDF sales sites affiliated with those vendors. We currently have many products available in printed format, and all of our products are available in PDF form!

We provide products in two categories: Our Systems, and Multi-System.

Our Systems

The following two product lines are our own role-playing game systems.

Æther is a skill-driven, universal role playing system. The system is set up to handle any type of setting, any technology, any time, any tone, and any genre, with a simple modification of the skill and equipment list. All the system requires is a set of D10s, a single book, and some paper for limitless adventure!

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We also create products for third-party systems. Our biggest such line is Wellstone City, which is available for both Æther and Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds.

Wellstone City

Wellstone City is a shining metropolis located on an island three miles off the Louisiana coast. The city of six million people has a lavish history that leads it up to its modern corrupt state. Crime syndicates run amok, local gangs run complex plots, and Freelancers take jobs for the highest bidder. Decent people live and work in Wellstone, but this is not their story. This is not their time. This is Wellstone.

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