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We love epic fantasy stories. The great tales that we grew up with stick with us and remind us of what could be. Ingenium seeks to bring that kind of story to your gaming table.

The Core Mechanic

Everything is based on a simple core mechanic of 1d10 + modifiers vs a target difficulty. Sometimes that target difficulty is another character’s roll.

Dice rolls in Ingenium are open-ended. If you roll a 10 on a ten-sided die, you roll again and add the result to your previous result. This continues indefinitely, so long as you keep rolling 10s! This means even the freshest newbie can sometimes get really lucky and score the telling blow on a powerful enemy.

Character Creation

Character creation starts with Three Words – your Trait, your Race, and your Profession. You could be a Fierce Human Soldier, or an Esoteric Catfolk Sorcerer.

From there, you pick your Talents: unique abilities or traits that make you stand out from all the other Eldritch Dwarf Wizards. Since you’re playing a spell caster, you also pick a few spells.

And that’s it. You’re done.

Talents and Spells

Talents are your character’s abilities. Some have prerequisites. Most give you a unique thing you can do. Others just make you a little better at one particular thing than others.

You cast spells with Spell Points. You regenerate those over time.


Combat is fast and wild in Ingenium. Everyone goes in an initiative order, and in each turn has three actions to use. Those actions can be attacking, moving, casting a spell, or pretty much anything else that isn’t trivial.

The World of Eiridia

The default setting for Ingenium is Eiridia (air-IH-dee-ah). Robert E. Howard’s “Conan” stories, H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu” mythos, Mercedes Lackey’s “Velgarth” novels, and a variety of other tales inspired its creation.

Kingdoms clash. Adventurers unearth fabled treasures. And ancient evils stir in their deathless sleep.

Eiridia is the perfect backdrop for adventure, whether it’s dungeon-delving, shipboard swashbuckling, or political intrigue.

The first adventure for Ingenium, a Darkness at Summerfort, offers a glimpse into this world.

The Books

These are all of our books in the Ingenium line.

The Core Book

The core book is everything you need to play the game.

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A Darkness at Summerfort

This is the first adventure we released for Ingenium. It is a simple dungeon delve that helps new players learn the system and discover a bit about the world of Eiridia.

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Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry

This adventure is a unique holiday romp set in Summerfort. Something strange is going on in the woods, and Master Nicholas needs your help in getting to the bottom of it.

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