Aether Universal Role-Playing Game

Aether is a role-playing system that works for any setting. Characters are skill-based rather than class-based. The core mechanic is d100 plus modifiers. Combat is fast and lethal, with an innovative turn mechanic.

Aether Core Book

The Aether Core Book supplies everything you need to run the game, other than pencil, paper, and a few ten-sided dice.

Included in this edition of the core book is the modern noir setting of Wellstone City, and the introductory adventure Public Transit Assassins.


These books add additional rules to the game. They also give you more tools for running games using their central themes.


Aethermancy is the magic supplement for the Aether system! To view those who helped make this book a reality for us, please visit Our Heroes section. This will be released this year.


In this book, you’ll find ways to introduce zombies into any game, set anytime and anywhere. A multitude of zombification theories are presented for use or inspiration, as well as campaign ideas to fight against them. The core of the book centers around creating the undead, and using 13 separate qualities, each with 4 separate levels of ability, any kind of zombie can be created. Any type of zombie can be emulated from any source, or you could create your own. Eleven types of sample zombies are given in the book, from the easy to put down and run from Slow Zombies, to the deadly assassins known only as Shadow Stalkers.

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Red Blizzard

Your eyes burn with the intensity of your gaze as it tries to pierce the veil of falling snow. Ahead, you catch the glimpse of an animal in your headlights a second before you strike it; its eyes wide with fear right before you strike it. You register that you just hit a deer, and now the vehicle is skidding out of control…the lights you see coming could either be your salvation…or something else completely…

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Camp Wicakini

Taking the players back to the dog-days of summer, camps, and the tediousness of being a camp counselor, this throwback to the early 1980s takes up to eight pre-generated characters and pits them against an ancient curse. As victims start to stack up like firewood, the players make a startling revelation: even as the body count starts to climb, that is only the beginning. Have a little fun in the woods at Camp Wicakini!

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Camp Wicakini: Part II

Something bad has gone down at the once-peaceful summer camp and it’s your job to clean it up. Special Agent Cosgrove, your boss, isn’t looking for answers or something to study. He wants the problem stepped on and resolved with extreme prejudice.

This sandbox-style adventure follows the first Camp Wicakini adventure by a few hours. It is set up with guidelines on how to run it whether the original adventure was run or not, and it has some big surprises for players who are familiar with the first treatment of Camp Wicakini.

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Camp Wicakini: Part III

Five years after the horrible disaster that resulted in a total loss of Camp Wicakini, it’s been rebuilt. New counselors, new buildings, new everything…except for one man. The new caretaker, Max Mason, was one of the last campers to stay at Wicakini. He survived the initial zombie onslaught, and then the government came and rescued him. He has sworn that what happened on that fateful day almost exactly 5 years ago would never happen again, and this time, he’s prepared.

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Camp Wicakini 4

You weren’t expecting the head of the Kinzey Foundation to contact you for a meeting. Everyone knows the Foundation is into some heavy stuff and that building parks is just their public face. After the meeting, you’re just as confused as you were before. It just doesn’t make any sense. You’re supposed to go up to some summer camp and kidnap some Native guy, but you’ve got some really nasty equipment that you’re taking with you. They gave you some sort of freeze gun and a suspicious device that is supposed to keep animals at bay.

None of this makes sense, but the pay is good, and the chance to work with the Kinzey Foundation more in the future is way worth it.

Or so you thought.

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Adventure in a Con

Conventions usually contain everything you need to write an adventure. There are artists, sometimes cartographers, and plenty of gamers to use as playtesters. Using the random setting generator built into the Æther Core Book, three scenarios are rolled up at the gaming table and the players choose which scenario to use. One of our game masters runs it on the spot and the results are what generates the imagery for the illustrations, and what drives the adventures themselves. We write as much as we can during the Convention and try to get the whole thing done in the space of a few days, with more time reserved for polishing. The players each have their signatures and character names immortalized on a special sheet in the adventure. The results are below!

The Eater’s Tower

A powerful cursed Human, an Eater, has taken up residence in an abandoned Byzantine tower which was long-ago overgrown by the forest it used to protect. The party finds their way to the tower, possibly hunting the Eater, possibly seeking shelter from the dark of the woods; but no matter what their purpose is, they have a fight on their hands!

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Legend of the One-Toes

A group of cavemen and women are the last remnants of their tribe. Last night there was a loud bang and a bright flash which knocked everyone out after hearing their shaman raise an alarm. Now it’s several hours later, the shaman is gone, and the only clue to his whereabouts are odd footprints leading away from the cave that seem to have only one toe.

Things only get weirder as the group follows the tracks and finds a mysterious egg-shaped cave standing on four shiny metal trees…

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