Æther Adventures, Settings, and Supplements

The Æther System has a growing number of products in its library. Most focus around the setting of Wellstone City, adding depth to the setting with each adventure. While Wellstone is certainly our flagship setting, there are other products in the library for the Æther system as well. We are constantly adding to these adventures and we have them for you below, and all of them are of course available through our store or through Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now as well as several other sites.

Wellstone City

Wellstone City, the gleaming metropolis of the south, is a city full of dark alleys with silver linings. It is easy enough to make your fortunes on the streets, but the real action is behind the scenes and out of view of the public eye. This plot-point driven campaign setting is integrated with the Æther Core Book and has become incredibly popular as a stand-alone setting for Savage Worlds

Wellstone City Chronicles – Two Bit Thugs
Building on the point arc started in the Core Book adventure, Public Transit Assassins, Two-Bit Thugs allows the characters to keep exploring Wellstone City, adding a slug of new NPCs and two new locations. The party has opportunity thrust upon them when a mistress of the high circles of Wellstone City gets caught in a gang war crossfire in the supposedly-neutral borough of Wellstone Park. No matter what their standing at the end of PTA, they have another opportunity to gain favor among the crime lords of Wellstone.

Wellstone City Chronicles – Burning Crosses
Hot on the heels of Two-Bit Thugs, the most powerful crime syndicate in Wellstone City, the Cross Clan is having some major internal issues. It seems that information relating to the family and its activities is making it to the police. They know there’s a lot of money changing hands, but the upper echelons of the Brothers Cross can’t find out from their own interrogations who is behind any part of this. Frought with internal issues, they go to some trusted outsiders to help clean up their mess.

Wellstone City Chronicles – A Death Undeserving
Luis Batista, a once powerful Cuban drug runner, is grieving and out for revenge. His oldest son has been murdered and Batista is determined to set things right. To this end, he and his youngest son, Man­ny, have employed the services of the Players to find the person responsible for Tomas’ murder. They will pay handsomely for the identity of the murderer. They’ll pay even more to get their hands on him.

Wellstone City Chronicles – Shrödinger’s Box
Jerry “The Rat” Pauluzi has crossed sold out, and almost every major crime syndicate in town either wants him dead or has pulled their protection from him. With a few well-placed calls and a letter from the Black Dragons, even the PCs catch wind of his location; a hardened hotel used for witness protection in extreme cases. The Black Dragons want him out alive, while everyone else has a price on his head so big that it’s scaring the small fish away, but the big time hitters are all drooling at the chance to hit Jerry and cash in big-time. On top of that, even the FBI guarding Jerry are salivating at the price-tag around his neck, and some of them have agreed to work together to take the little rat out themselves…

Wellstone City Chronicles – Ranch Raid

Wellstone City Chronicles – Shattered Blue

Wellstone City Chronicles – Big Trouble in Little Haiti


In this book, you’ll find ways to introduce zombies into any game, set any time and anywhere. A multitude of zombification theories are presented for use or inspiration, as well as campaign ideas to fight against them. The core of the book centers around creating the undead machines, and using 13 separate qualities, each with 4 separate levels of ability, any kind of zombie can be created. Any type of zombie can be emulated from any source, or you could create your own. Eleven types of sample zombies are given in the book, from the easy to put down, easy to run from Slow Zombies, to the deadly assassins known only as Shadow Stalkers.

Camp Wicakini
Taking the players back to the dog-days of summer, camps, and the tediousness of being a camp counselor, this throw back to the early 1980’s takes up to 8 pre-generated characters and pits them against an ancient curse, and it’s embodiment which stalks the camp. As victims start to stack up like cord wood, the players make a startling revelation through their characters: even as the body count starts to climb, that is only the beginning. Have a little fun in the woods at Camp Wicakini!

Camp Wicakini: Part II
This sandbox style adventure follows the first Camp Wicakini adventure by a few hours. Something bad has gone down at the once-peaceful summer camp and it’s your job to clean it up. The Special Agent Cosgrove, your boss, isn’t looking for answers or something to study. He wants the problem stepped on and resolved with extreme prejudice. Though it is a sequel, it uses different characters for the main PCs, but there could be PC zombies still wandering around from the first foray into Camp Wicakini! It is set up with guidelines on how to run it whether the original adventure was run or not, and it has some big surprises for players who are familiar with the first treatment of Camp Wicakini.

Camp Wicakini: Part III


Red Blizzard

Panzer Reich

Panzer Reich: Crash Test