It’s already too late to run…

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! The End is HERE!

In this book, you’ll find ways to introduce zombies into any game, set any time and anywhere. A multitude of zombification theories are presented for use or inspiration, as well as campaign ideas to fight against them. The core of the book centers around creating the undead machines, and using 13 separate qualities, each with 4 separate levels of ability, any kind of zombie can be created. Any type of zombie can be emulated from any source, or you could create your own. Eleven types of sample zombies are given in the book, from the easy to put down, easy to run from Slow Zombies, to the deadly assassins known only as Shadow Stalkers.

The book is designed inherently to work with the Æther Role-Playing System, but if that’s not your system of choice, rules have been included to supply a framework that can port the zombies from Æther into a myriad of different systems. In the same spirit, the book contains 30 scenario ideas to act as adventure hooks and campaign spring boards that are not specific to any given RPG system. Additionally, rules for running a Horror game are inherent in the book, but certainly not required, giving your players and their characters the extra challenge of escaping with their minds and their bodies intact.

With gorgeous illustrations from Tony Guaraldi-Brown filling the book and Tony’s work featured on the cover, the book is as easy to look at as it is to use. Tony’s work properly conveys the desired impact of the book, show casing zombies in a number of settings.


While the book is designed to run with the Æther System, guidelines are provided for helping you in translating the rules in this book to other systems.  In doing so, you can apply the ideas inside to any setting, any genre, and any system that you prefer.


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