Panzer Reich

The year is 2136, 100 years after an asteroid transport craft was hijacked by a hacker. The transport rocket was intended to pick up an ice asteroid from the Kuiper Belt to be used for the terraformation of Mars. Instead, it picked up a 5 mile wide chunk of rock and iron that was hurtled toward Earth at almost the speed that the Earth moves in its orbit around the sun.

In seconds after the impact, The world was wracked with earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis after the impact, and for years afterward. Earthquakes and volcanoes still plague the nearly-sundered planet as it still suffers from aftershocks related to the initial impact. Life on Earth was stripped down to the prepared and the lucky. Governments fell, and as pockets of survivors coalesced, new governments and alliances took their place. The potential for global peace was stemmed off by global war. That war had a need for technology scavenged from the ashes of the civilizations that the world once knew.

When the clouds of destruction started to thin, almost every major city had been destroyed. Out of the world’s nearly 8 billion people before the impact, only about 20 Million were left standing, and in isolated pockets. Civilization is slowly starting to recoup the losses and the world is slowly rebuilding.

This book contains the tales of the troubles of those survivors, and perhaps more importantly, the tools of their survival. Humans traveled from the height of our achievement to the depths of our depravity and then showed our savvy and know-how, illustrating to themselves once again why Humans are the dominant species on the planet.

Welcome to the Panzer Reich

Panzer Reich uses the Æther rule system at its core. The same mechanics present in the Æther Core Book are present in the Panzer Reich game, including skill usage, dice mechanics, and luck. The rules have been modified very slightly to accomodate miniature warfare, and the results are amazing!

Panzer Reich: Crash Test
The Crash Test contains all of the rules needed to run the miniatures-based combat for the game, using just the tanks. It also includes 9 tanks, some of which have been repurposed, some of which are new combat chassis, built from factories that have been reclaimed from the thick blanket of ash that enveloped the world. All you need to play is the Crash Test, a few pair of ten-sided dice, some minatures to represent your tanks, and a hex map, and you’re off and running!

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones I

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones II

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones III

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones IV

Panzer Reich

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones V

Panzer Reich: Combat Zones VI