A Death Undeserving

Luis Batista, a once powerful Cuban drug runner, is grieving and out for revenge. His oldest son has been murdered and Batista is determined to set things right. To this end, he and his youngest son, Man­ny, have employed the services of the Players to find the person responsible for Tomas’ murder. They will pay handsomely for the identity of the murderer. They’ll pay even more to get their hands on him.

This adventure is the fourth adventure in the Wellstone City Chronicles plot-point setting. This adventure for either the Savage Worlds System or the Æther System is 18 pages that takes the PCs on a different bent through the city, not dealing with the Crosses, Falcassis or the Black Dragon Syndicate, but a one-time Cuban drug runner.

The adventure is geared for 3 to 4 PCs and suggestions are given in the book to help ramp up the difficulty for either advanced characters or more players. Like any plot-point adventure, it can be used in conjunction with the other Wellstone City Chronicles, and it can be used in any order with them. Grab this installment of the Wellstone City Chronicles today!

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