The Pine Ridge Horror

Welcome to Pine Ridge National Forest
The Pine Ridge Region is a large territory of heavily forested ridges, buttes, and canyons, stretching across northwest Nebraska and into South Dakota. On the South Dakota land is the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home to the Oglala Sioux Nation.

The Pine Ridge is densely covered in pine trees, with cottonwoods and other deciduous trees in the canyon bottoms. The buttes and canyons are quite rocky and the trails can have treacherous footing. A person can, and hikers often do, get lost on these trails, sometimes for days before stumbling across other campers or the park rangers. Along with smaller animals such as rabbit, squirrel, and chipmunk, the area is also home to larger game such as bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, and wild turkey. A few prairie rattlesnakes also make their home here.

Two boys, hiking deep in the Pine Ridge Forest, stumble upon a ravaged camp and make a gruesome discovery. The remains of five campers, ripped limb from limb, partially eaten, and scattered about the area; turned into a feast for the flies, insects, and larger scavengers. Hearing a “roaring” from the nearby hills, the boys quickly fled the camp and made their way to the nearest Ranger station, nearly a half a day’s hike.

This adventure requires only the Savage Worlds Core Book to play. Other toolkits, supplements, or setting trappings may be used depending on the flavor the GM wishes to add to the adventure. This is the perfect adventure to run if you’re camping, love the outdoors, or are a fan of early 80’s slasher flicks.

What you’ll find inside is:

• 16 pages of adventure written by Dave Baymiller
• A full color map of the main adventuring area
• Bookmarks for easy access to the PDF every step of the way
• Detailed NPCs and Creatures
• Suggested music
• An Outline of Events for the GM

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