December 6, 2011

Happy Holidays from Silver Gryphon Games!

Happy Holidays from Silver Gryphon! We’re rapidly approaching the Christmas season, or maybe it started in August if you believe some of the larger retailers. It’s finally snowing here at the Silver Gryphon head quarters and it’s about time! We love winter; gathering around with friends and family, sipping hot chocolate or apple cider, and …

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Gryphon Mastiff

HP: 10d8 Num: 1 – 2 Spd: 4 (ground) 8 (flying) Dmg: 3d8 (claws), 2d6 (bite), Slam (see below) Def: 6 Soak: 14 CL: 10 Gryphon Mastiffs are the largest of all of the gryphon sub-species. They are thought to be the progenitor of the various gryphon breeds, but that is the subject for academics, …

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